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Blood and Smoke

a community for tanya huff's blood and smoke series

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Name:Blood and Smoke
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Welcome to Blood and Smoke, a community for Tanya Huff’s Blood and Smoke series.


1. All Blood and Smoke series related fanfic, fanart, discussion, book reviews, general squee, etc are welcome here.

2. You may post gen, het, slash, or threesome fanworks.

3. Use descriptive subject lines (that at the very least tells us the type of post you’re making, ie, Fanfic, Discussion, etc) and appropriate headers in your posts.

4. All fiction, graphics (with the exception of two or three teaser icons or thumbnail), long posts, and adult content must be placed behind a cut.

5. Please keep your posts on-topic, and respect other community members.

(If you would like to post something that you think is off-topic, but would be of interest to our members, please contact me to ask.)

6. Do not link to Friends-Locked posts.

Been a while since you've read the books and want to confirm a niggling detail?
Check out this Blood and Smoke Series: Fandom Resource

Other Blood and Smoke series communities on LJ:


This is not a Blood Ties community. If you’re looking for Blood Ties communities,
please check out A Guide to Blood Ties on LiveJournal.

Affiliates:smallfandom_nb, smallfandombang, smallfandomfest, smallfandomflsh and smallfandomrecs

This community is moderated by spikedluv.

If you have a question, please contact me at spikedluv @

If you’d like to know why I created this community when there’s a perfectly good Tony/Smoke series-centric community out there,
please read this Welcome & Mod Intro Post.

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amy/jack, blood and smoke, blood and smoke series, blood bank, blood debt, blood lines, blood pact, blood price, blood series, blood trail, henry fitzroy, henry/mike, henry/tony, henry/tony/mike, henry/tony/vicki, henry/vicki, henry/vicki/mike, lee nicholas, michael celluci, mike/vicki, smoke and ashes, smoke and mirrors, smoke and shadows, smoke series, supernatural, tanya huff, tony foster, tony/lee, tony/lee/henry, tony/zev, urban fantasy, vampires, vicki nelson, werewolves, wizards
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