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Jul. 20th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Since Photobucket switched in June 2017 to an exorbitant annual subscription fee for allowing images to be displayed on 3rd-party sites, I'm instead hosting the pictures here & linking to them in the stories they illustrate at the AO3.

Mi Chaqueta, Su Chaqueta )

Ezra Meets His Future Best Friends )

Bye, Photobucket

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Photobucket finally got around to replacing my images w/ their "pay up" graphic as I discovered today when I checked.

So, as I mentioned I'd do in this event in a recent post, I've deleted the Clothing & Guest Character image pages from the M7 Handbook. Hopefully I also found all the links to those pages in different places.

For the 3 images w/ 2 of my M7 stories at AO3, I'm going to make a post here in a few minutes displaying those images, then link to that post from the fics. All 3 can go in the same post, which will make them easy to find. If I ever want another image associated w/ a fic, I'll just add it to that same post.

Not as great as having the pictures right there at the bottom of the stories--I doubt any reader will bother to click a link to go elsehwere--but 3 images is not worth trying to find a new host that works on AO3. Unfortunately, Dreamwidth hosted images don't show there; or at least the test image I tried didn't show up.

I tried out flickr, but it's hopeless. I wasted way too much time trying to figure out how to get the image url. That's all I want! Just upload & give me the link. But, no, it's all runaround everywhere trying to find anything as simple as that. /kvetching

I've had that Photobucket account since 2004. That's a long time for something on the internet to last! I've deleted the account now. Won't ever use it again. Glad I did all the moving & replacing of images last week before the ugly replacement graphic showed up all over.

And there's the proof the new policy applies to even the tiniest users. I was using only 2% of the allowable space as a free user.

Book meme

Jul. 15th, 2017 12:59 pm
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It's a quiet Saturday of doing nothing but resting my knee, so when better to do a 50-question Book Meme? Seen in many places lately. Warning: it appears to have been originally created by a 12-year-old, so it gets lolaciously ridiculous in the middle. *g*

Book Meme 2017 )


Jul. 14th, 2017 12:32 pm
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I've been having a lousy week, in part because of an old knee injury acting up. It's been a thing since I was about 20 & I'm used to it periodically aching for several days if I accidentally twist it a bit or something similar. But this week, omg. It hasn't hurt this badly in years.

I've seen folks use round-ups of things in their life that are good or happy or that they're grateful for & figured I'd give it a try. Also: a list! My "i like lists" tag has been sadly underused lately.

1. yesterday, my writing streak at reached 500 days & I graduated to the next tier up badge: spacebird!

2. I heard about & signed up for's ebook club & got a free, no-drm copy of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart - each month, Tor gives away 1 ebook to members of the club, whee!

3. the new series of Who Do You Think You Are (UK) has begun & I have episode 14x02, focusing on Craig Revel Horwood, ready to watch;

4. I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday, ordering a purple bra in a completely new-to-me style along w/ a totally indulgent, cheap but very pretty blue bead bracelet;

5. my weekend plans involve doing nothing whatsoever except rest my knee; I have lots of food (my fridge is full of little bottles of liquid meal replacement as well as fresh raw veggies) & no need to go out for anything, so I'm not!

My knee is actually feeling a bit better today after a mighty 4 hours sleep last night, so I'm cautiously hopeful it will continue to improve!

Hope all of you have, or are having, happy weekends yourselves. :)

China wins | Images

Jul. 12th, 2017 02:11 pm
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I've heard mentions in various places recently about the giant solar power farm China is building to help the transition from coal fuel w/ all its attendant pollution & degradation of the environment to cleaner, sustainable energy. I thought it was a great initiative.

Then I saw a picture of it:

And fell over w/ glee! When the solar farm's completed, it'll be twice as big as it is currently & will feature a 2nd panda.

♠ ♠ ♠

I've finished migrating all my journal pics from Photobucket to DW. Whew! I did it a bit at a time, but discovered I'd done a lot of picspams over the years. That was a chore.

Now the only images left at PB are the 3 little pics w/ 2 of my fics at AO3, & the large number at my zeke site illustrating the Guests & Clothing pages in the M7 Handbook. Those are all still showing up, so I'll leave them alone until PB blocks them.

They comprise 148 clothing & 750 guest character images. I don't have enough space on my tiny zeke site to host them; also, there's way too many to bother changing all those image links. I very much doubt anybody ever looks at those pages these days, anyway. New fans probably don't even know about the Handbook & have no reason to care.

So I'll leave them up & check once in a while. When PB blocks them, I'll delete those pages.


Jul. 9th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Great episode of Poldark tonight, 305, which I've been looking forward to since S3 got underway. This episode covers one of my favourite parts of the books & the show did a good job w/ it! I'm only sad that Spoiler )

Just watched the 1st episode of new show Will, set in 1589 London as young Shakespeare 1st arrives in London as a hopeful actor & fledging playwright.

The colour! So much delicious colour everywhere. None of that desaturated nonsense so many history shows go in for for inexplicable reasons. London is a teeming, roguish, colourful bed of mayhem. The theatre--audiences & players alike--are suitably wild, disruptive, sexual, unruly, crude, & utterly delightful!

Spoilers )


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