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I created a fandom pimp of the Blood and Smoke Series for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest, which I am also posting here.


The Blood and Smoke series are two interrelated series of urban vampire fantasy stories written by Tanya Huff. (The Smoke trilogy is a ‘spin-off’ of the Blood books.1)

Smoke and Shadows

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I’m a bit of a nut about taking notes when I want to write in a new fandom, and so I decided to create this Blood and Smoke Series Fandom Resource as I thought the information might be of interest to others, as well. Please note that this resource is heavy on Tony, Henry, and Lee (and the Smoke books), as those are my favorite characters.

Also, these notes are not complete. I’m posting what I currently have because it’s taking me longer to get this together than I thought it would, and I figure that partial notes is better than zero notes.

I have included information from: Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines & Smoke and Shadows. If you see that there is something that I’ve missed, please let me know about it. (Do not include information from Blood Debt, Blood Bank, Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Ashes, or the short story until after I’ve updated this post with notes from those sources.) As I include notes from additional sources, I will update this post and make a note of it.

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Welcome to Blood and Smoke, a community for Tanya Huff's Blood and Smoke series.

You may post fanfic, fanart, discussion, book reviews, etc. Anything related to the Blood and Smoke series of books is welcome.

I am personally a Tony slasher, but gen, het and threesome fic are also welcome here.

Please read the rules on the community profile before posting, and then write! Discuss!

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Blood and Smoke

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