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Title: liberté, égalité, fraternité
Author: Spikedluv
Fandom: Blood and Smoke Series (Tanya Huff)/V (1983)
Rating: NC17/Slash (& implied Het)
Pairing: Henry Fitzroy/Tony Foster, Mike Donovan/Ham Tyler (implied Elizabeth Maxwell/Kyle Bates, hints of Rose Heerkens/Peter Heerkens)
Length: 37,315 words
Spoilers: For all of the Blood and Smoke series and V mini-series and tv series.
Summary: The Visitors have returned to Earth, and the red dust is ineffective in many areas of the world. The Vancouver resistance may have discovered something that could bring an end to the war with the Visitors, but it’s too sensitive to trust to a radio transmission that could be intercepted by the enemy – the information must be couriered to the resistence cell in LA. That’s where Henry Fitzroy and his team, Tony Foster, and Rose and Peter Heerkens come in. They’re the best couriers the Canadian resistence has – not surprising, since one is a vampire, and two werewolves.
During a routine recon mission Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler discover that the LA resistance cell might have a traitor in their midst – a traitor that may have already told the Visitors about the valuable information being couriered down from Vancouver. They rush to unearth the traitor before he can do any further damage, and to ensure that the message from Vancouver arrives safely.
Author Notes: Written for the first round of [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang. While re-watching V for the first time since it aired back in the 80s, I remembered that Henry Fitzroy had been part of the resistance during WWII. I figured that if he’d been around when the Visitors invaded, he would once again have joined the resistance, and a crossover idea was born. When we created this community, I immediately knew what I had to write.
Warnings: Language and violence; implied sexual situations; biting; hint of sibling incest (but no more than Tanya Huff included in Blood Trail).

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