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Welcome to Blood and Smoke, a community for Tanya Huff's Blood and Smoke series.

You may post fanfic, fanart, discussion, book reviews, etc. Anything related to the Blood and Smoke series of books is welcome.

I am personally a Tony slasher, but gen, het and threesome fic are also welcome here.

Please read the rules on the community profile before posting, and then write! Discuss!

I'm relatively new to the Blood and Smoke fandom, having just read the books for the first time after getting the first three Blood books for Christmas. I come to the fandom via Blood Ties, the television adapation of the Blood books, and that show is also the reason it took me so long to read the books after learning about them. Bottom line, I was a Mike/Henry slasher for the television series, and I was afraid that reading the books would affect how I saw those characters.

I was right about that. I'm glad I waited until my interest in Blood Ties had waned a tad, because now I am all about Tony, because Tony is pretty awesome. *g*

I'm aware of the community, [livejournal.com profile] tonys_shadows, and am in fact a member, but I wanted to create my own community, even though the fandom is quite small, basically because I'm a control freak. I have read the books twice now, and took notes (as I do when I'm obsessed with a fandom), and I would like to share those notes (since I'm going to the effort of typing them up) with anyone who is interested in referring to them, as well as the fandom pimp I have signed up to write for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest.

Additionally, as much as I adore Tony, I wanted a community that was open to fanwork from both the Blood series and the Smoke series, and that allowed for non-Tony-centric fanworks. (For example, I'd love someone to write some Rose/Peter fic. *puppy eyes* No pun intended. *g*)

Because I'm quite selfish, I would love to help generate more/see a resurgance of interest in Tony, and the Blood and Smoke series in general. More fic and/or discussion would make me a happy camper indeed, so please, join the community, and let's see if we can bring more Tony Blood and Smoke fanworks to the world.

Thank you.
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